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Site Policy


All rights, including copyrights, to the information that is provided or posted on our web site such as any information, Maynards' logo's, trademarks or designs are reserved by Maynards Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Maynards") and its affiliated companies and are also protected by copyright law, various treaties and the other laws applicable internationally. You must obtain prior written permission from Maynards for the following: coping, modifying, public broadcast, transfer, lending and permission for any use including for commercial purpose.

Personal information

Maynards does not disclose your personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, mail address, password, records of your access to Maynards, etc. to third parties without your consent except that; we may disclose personal information, when Maynards believes that the law requires or permits it or in order to protect Maynards' rights and assets.

Links to our web site

You can link to our web site; however, you must inform us in advance your identification, the purpose of links and the Universal Resource Locator (URL) and also to link directly to our top page of the site. Maynards requests you to refrain from framing content from the pages within our site. Maynards may reject your links as the case maybe.


When posting information on our site, Maynards takes every possible care and caution. However, Maynards can not guarantee that such information is accurate, safe or suitable for you. You can visit our site or use the information through our pages at your own risk. Furthermore, Maynards can not take any responsibility for any damage that might occur when you visit our site or when you use our site information.

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